Monday, September 5, 2022

Dinner Plan Detour

The plan detour this week was not my fault. Someone hijacked me and forced me to eat out__a lot!

1. Squash casserole, pink eyed peas, okra, tomato slices
2. Grilled tuna steaks,  mashed potatoes or caulimash, tossed salad, green beans
3. White bbq chicken, caulitato salad , baked beans (or none) coleslaw, keto cornbread
4. Stuffed peppers, rice, coleslaw, rolls or keto rolls
5, Keto sweet and sour chicken (have to use some of these peppers) rice or caulirice
6. Philly cheesesteak casserole, tossed salad
7. Out to eat/ takeout or Alabama football starts this week so there is the possibility of a ball game  snack type meal. Depends on whether TheHub goes to the game or not.

Monday: I had ground chuck that needed to be cooked, and a gozillion peppers that are growing by leaps and bounds. This dinner was a no brainer.
Philly cheesesteak casserole, tossed salad

Tuesday: Veggies were in the fridge or the backyard.
Squash casserole, pink eyed peas, okra, tomato slices
Wednesday: TheHub wanted to go out to eat. When he gets really stressed he like to change things up a bit.
The Electric Wedge salad or Pastrami sandwich

Thursday: Again TheHub wanted to do something different. I was gross and not restaurant ready, so we drove to a meat and 3 on the crest.
Bluff park Diner, Veggie plate of green beans and turnip greens or pork chop, carrots and something else (I forget what TheHub had)

Friday: TheHub wanted to continue our Friday night date night even though we had been out the 2 previous nights. Thankfully he gave me enough lead time to get dressed for dinner.
Applebee's  Chicken caesar salad or plain caesar salad

Saturday: TheHub did not go to the ballgame. I am glad he stayed home because he was out like a light the middle of the third quarter.
Ball game snack supper either buffalo chicken dip with cukes and celery or nachos (TheHub)

Sunday: We decided we would watch the LSU FSU ball game, and TheHub wanted his favorite ball game meal.
Game dinner, Hot dog, coleslaw, chips or keto "fries"

What's up for this week, possibly, maybe, probably not
1.BBQ chicken casserole, brussels sprouts
2. Grilled tuna steak, rice or caulirice, tossed salad, green beans
3. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes or caulimash, peas and carrots, coleslaw
4. Hamburgers with all the fixings, chips and/or keto "fries"
5. Stuffed peppers, rice, broccoli. tossed salad
6. Veggie meal TBD later
7. Out to eat    

Have a great week staying on plan, going off plan or with no plan at all!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. Steak for me from Mon. bis Sun. :-)) o, plus pork rind as the dessert!

    1. I have eaten a lot of pork rinds in my life but never as a dessert.

  2. I have no plan but using up odds and ends/ leftovers. I plan to reset next weekend.

    1. Until life settles there is no reason for you to plan!

  3. Enjoy your Labor day and have a wonderful week.

  4. I don't need no stinking plans! Today, I have things to prepare, but the main thing for me is the Mississippi Sin Dip.

  5. I wish I was hijacked like that... I don't remember the last meal I ate out.

  6. I'm still a 'fraidy cat and staying away from restaurants. However if someone paid for my meal I'd be very willing to have take-out! :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely week of good dinners. I didn't do too badly sticking to my meal plan, last week, but, I didn't do a meal plan this week because my lovely neighbor S and her daughter sort of planned it for me! They brought over dinner on Monday and I have enough for at least 3 other meals during the week!

  8. Ball game snack suppers are the best!

  9. We didn't have a plan and we followed it quite nicely. :)


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