Monday, September 19, 2022

Veni Vidi Voravi

Ok our meals were not an exact translation of the title, except for possibly Thursday night, when the meal did inspire eating with gusto.
We ate some of the meals that were planned and we did not eat some of the others. I  plan knowing that I will most likely change my mind along the way, but we still eat every single night. 
Most of our dinners are not horrible, even though there are some nights when a meal is just fodder. We eat it anyway.
It is what it is, and will be whatever it will be.

What was planned:
1. Leftover bbq pork salad
2. Veggie dinner TBD later with the exception of okra which is a given right now
3. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes or caulimash, green beans, coleslaw
4. Sweet and sour chicken (keto version) rice or caulirice, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
5. Out to eat
6. Out to eat again(no longer delusional)
7. Something cooked on the grill (TBD), tossed salad or chopped salad.

What we really ate:
Monday: TheHub was out of town so I was left to my own dinner prep, which meant no prep at all. Thank goodness for washed salad greens and leftover pork.
Salad topped with leftover pulled pork

Tuesday: I wanted a meal that I could make ahead of time and this was it.
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes or caulimash*, sliced tomatoes

Wednesday: Our okra is producing like crazy. It was the perfect night for a veggie meal.
Okra (fried or steamed) pink eyed peas, sliced tomatoes

Thursday: So glad that TheHub and I are not picky about sharing meals. Usually my entree is better than his, but this time I would call them dead even. I was glad to have a couple of bites of his snapper 
Dinner at Hot and Hot: Tomato salad, broiled diver scallops over lemon vinaigrette infused cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, or Red snapper over braised greens, sautéed baby turnips, and mushrooms. 

Friday: TheHub wanted to go out to eat again. I was fine with it as long as we went somewhere I could get a salad.
Dinner at The Electric: Wedge salad or flatbreads

Saturday: Son2, DIL2, and TGS came over to watch the Alabama game. It was a beautiful day, perfect for grilling after the game
Grilled burgers and all the fixings, ice cream

Sunday: Neither of us wanted anything particular and we had a couple of burgers left from Saturday night, but we did not want a sandwich.
Leftover burger patty, scalloped potatoes (made from a box**) or leftover steamed cauliflower, tossed salad

What's next, or what might be next.
1. Shrimp and grits, tossed salad
2. Veggie dinner TBD later but it will include okra
3. Chicken-broccoli casserole, coleslaw
4. Sweet and sour chicken, rice or caulirice, sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes
5. Steak, tossed salad, keto fries or leftover scalloped potatoes 
6. Out to eat
7. Out to eat or leftovers

* I added a few drops of the mashed potato OOOflavoring to the caulimash I made Tuesday night. The taste difference was remarkable!

**I did not want anyone to think I was too ambitious and actually made scalloped potatoes from scratch. This was from an Aldi item that just needed water, a tad of milk and some butter. TheHub thought it was fine and sometimes fine is good enough.


  1. I do love it when Hubs is gone, and I can eat cold cereal if I want. Hibs and I almost always split a meal when we go out as the portions are so large and then we always split a dessert, the most important part of the meal!

    1. We did not opt for dessert Wednesday night because we split the tomato salad as the appetizer .

  2. I'm jealous of your okra harvest! My okra plants produced exactly two tiny okra, total! I was so disappointed!
    I haven't done a meal plan for this week, yet; must do that, tomorrow.

    1. We are getting 7 or 8 pods each day, sometimes even more. It is still blooming so I imagine we have a couple of weeks left to harvest it.

  3. What's in the famous tomato salad from Hot and Hot? Do you ever make it at home?

    1. I have made it before, just not exactly like theirs. Son2 worked at Hot and Hot for a bit and has made 100's of them in his time there so I do know the "secrets". I just never have the inclination to buy 5 different types of tomatoes

  4. I'm going to try that 'flavored' caulimash; it sounds like a great Thanksgiving side dish for those of us Keto folks.

  5. Oh my goodness, that song leaves me so emotional. My mom was pregnant with me when my then 6 year old sister developed a brain tumour, paralysis, the lot. There were already five other siblings and mom knew she couldn't cope with another child (me) with a paralysed child at home (Gill) so had made an appointment to abort me. Then Gill (my sister) died a couple of days before the abortion was scheduled - and mom immediately cancelled the appointment - that is how I came to live. My mom told me this - she was absolutely devastated while she told me - but I was fine with it oddly enough. But Gill's favourite song was Que Sera and I often reflect on how if she hadn't died when she did I might have been aborted. No shade on anyone from over here. I loved my mom and would have loved the sister I never got to know!

    1. You relaying the story is emotional. I would be lying if I said there was not a tear or two.

  6. This post made me hungry and I got some good ideas too : ) Tonight I'm making a chicken and stuffing bake because I am in need of comfort food. And I adore this song! Doris Day is one of my favorites!! Xx

  7. We're totally happy to share meals at restaurants, too -- it's half the fun! :-)

  8. The Hitchcock movie where Doris Day sings the song is really one of his best, I think.

    The comment from “Treaders” is really sad. It shows how different memories can change the meaning of something not really important, like a song. I just remember seeing the movie when I was a kid, and really enjoying it. And then seeing it over again, and always enjoying it, but no particular baggage.

    best… mae at

    1. There are a couple of movies I saw as a kid and love seeing again and again.

  9. I would always make scalloped potatoes from a box. Got by with it. Ron would say "I love indian potatoes" and I would ask why he called them that and he said they were "scalped potatoes". Something from his childhood and not PC today.

    1. That is a funny tale! I had a friend whose son always said she made dinner from scrap (misunderstood from scratch)

  10. Thursday did sound deliciious. Other than that, I do love that your kids stop in to watch the game. That's cool.

  11. Just looked up the recipe for the tomato salad. It sounds delicious, and also like nothing I'd ever make. Too much work. ;-)

    We have finally eaten through most of our freezer meals, so this week should get... interesting.

  12. Wanted to drop by to say say we've just posted our last blog post. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog, and I'll still be visiting. But we've got a lot of activities lined up that will be occupying my time, so my visits will be much more sporadic in the future. Best wishes to you.

  13. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hope you are on a much needed vacation.

  14. I hope everything is fine with you. Missing your posts.


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