Friday, June 14, 2024

My Love Affair With Blogger


I am not sure what exactly is going on between my laptop and Blogger. I was wondering why so very few of you had actually published their blogs.

I am sorry to have missed a lot of your posts, but I was not able to see them when they were actually posted. Yet this morning I had a glut of notifications when I clicked on the reading list tab. Will try and figure out WTH is happening, as I read all these blogs I did not even know were available to read. 

BTW, even though I am reading them, I am not going to be commenting on the previous posts and will just comment on current ones.

PITA Blogger! PITA!


  1. I agree, Blogger can/is a PITA. Often time, I find that it puts posts I've already read ahead of those I haven't. I assume, incorrectly, that I've read those later posts and only realize when a newer post actually shows up ahead of the ones I've read. Confused yet?
    Initially, I had assumed it meant that the blogger had updated their post, but I could never identify any changes.
    It's also not allowing me to re-size photos on my laptop. I can go in on my phone and make the changes there. Totally weird.
    Have fun reading!

  2. It is always something that causes me to be confused on Blogger. I was going to complain about that on a post.

  3. Blessed blogger did that to me too - though it seems to have reverted to normal. For the moment.

  4. With Blogger, you get what you pay for. :)

  5. On more than one occasion I've accused Blogger of gaslighting. It's always something!

  6. Blogger has been having issues here and there in last couple of years...and getting worse and worse. I had some problem with feed last two days too.

  7. Well, at least you'll have lots of posts to read if you feel bored with reading books! :D

  8. It seems like it's so outdated. I'm surprised anyone even uses it anymore, including me! lol

  9. I've had trouble publishing comments on my blog and others. It is frustrating.


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