Tuesday, October 8, 2019

What We Ate and What's Next

I started back with my meal planning this past week, thinking things had settled into a routine with Mom and perhaps I would at least have some direction if I had a plan. As usual (even without Mom issues) my plan and actions are not exact (or even really close) but it is ok and all is well. We have not missed a meal and if nothing else, we are flexible. The following is what I planned:

1. BLT's (thanks to chaffle wonderbread*)
2. Greek Food Festival
3. Spaghetti sauce over pasta or zoodles, tossed salad
4. Shepherd's pie (cauli mash topping) ,coleslaw
5. Steak, baked potato (or not) , asparagus, tossed salad
6. Slaw dog, cauli tots
7. Taco salad with or without tortilla chips

And this is what really and truly happened:

Monday: My Beloved Sister had the day off so she filled the morning gap in Mom's care schedule. Since I did not have to be there during the morning, I only spoke to her caregivers by phone and had the entire day for myself. Kind of!

I had to be home for a service call from my local cable company. (Investigating ways to cut the cord) which meant I was around all day, until about 6:15 when the cable guy finally finished. I did get a lot done in my bedroom. I started with the ceiling and worked my way down the walls, baseboards, behind furniture, the furnishings, windows, floors and the comforter, curtains, and throw pillows changed to their fall/winter look. The room is so clean, I don't even want to breathe in there!

As for the cable? It seems an armadillo was rooting through the lawn for grubs and clipped the line from the street. We have all underground utilities so I guess I am glad it missed the power and gas lines (or maybe they are just a little deeper). I did not start dinner until the cable guy left and TheHub was nearly home.  I am so glad I had planned this in the menu. (Though I really planned on having it Sunday night)
BLT, tea and that was it

Tuesday: Tuesday was back to my normal get up and go to Mom's, then just handling whatever new thing has come up. I spent a good bit of time on the phone taking care of some issues for Mom, then did some more intensive cleaning here, before the knock on the door came. No one who comes to my door knocks with the exception of the next door neighbor, who has some disorders. She needed to let me know her sister and foreign women are stealing my water and power. Evidently they have opened a laundromat (visible only to her) on the other side of our fences.  She left right as TheHub called to let me know he was on his way home.  Since I had thawed the ground chuck for spaghetti sauce (but didn't get to it since I was listening to all the details of the thieving sister and foreign women) I punted.
Philly cheesesteak skillet dinner, lettuce wedge, tea

Wednesday: It's hot, damn hot. After going to Mom's for my morning Mom ritual, I went to class. Her caregiver had given me a grocery list, so immediately after class I went to Aldi for things I could find there. I ran by Mom's to drop off those groceries. It was about 96  degrees by this time and I figured it would not be a great idea to leave milk and eggs in the back of my car while I shopped at a different store. Then I ran back to Publix for things on her list that are not available at Aldi. This time instead of just dropping everything off, I went in to visit with her a little bit. Evidently she has forgotten that I run by her house at least 2 times a day nearly every day and she wanted to know what I was doing there. Looking back, I wonder the same thing. I had a couple of personal errands to take care of and by the time I got home it was about 4.  I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner so what should you do but throw things together for a delicious nutritious meal?. It was not what I did at all. I visited with a couple of neighbors, did a couple of loads of laundry, started working in the laundry room (It is beyond horrid) and only when TheHub called to say he was on his way home did I even begin to think of what we would eat. I knew I had a couple of boneless skinless chicken thighs thawed so I decided to make the taco salad I had planned for the week from chicken rather than my typical ground chuck. It turned out to be a great change and one I will do regularly.

Thursday: This was kind of a difficult day with Mom. In spite of having round the clock care she can be demanding. She is becoming more and more agitated that we have her in a facility, even though she is at her house. She is convinced that her house is in ruins, even describing wallpaper that is ripped and torn off the walls and hardwood floors that have been gouged and sheetrock with holes in it. When asked how she knows about the "ruins" she declares "I saw it" .   We had planned on going to the Greek Festival and I told her we would bring her a plate of deliciousness back.
TheHub had to work much later than we expected so we got off to a late start and decided to just go through the takeout line.  It takes about 20 minutes to get from our house to the Festival site. They were having some 1st day issues so we sat in line for about 35 minutes. By the time we drove from town to her house it was about 10 until 8. I had all the food in my lap so TheHub got out and ran hers and her caregivers into them (Now understand I had been calling and telling her caregiver about our delays and also called the minute they processed our order, so it is not like this was a surprise) When he walked in Mom was a complete jerk to him, told him she had already eaten and did not appreciate us going and having a good time at the festival while being late to bring her food.  Later I found she had told her caregiver that I am selfish with my time and only think of my own enjoyment. I am not saying anything else because even recounting this stirs some unpleasant feelings.
Greek chicken, souvlakia, rice pilaf, salad, chocolate baklava, koularakia, and kourambethes. The food was delicious and we did stop by Publix and grab a bottle of wine.

Friday: Had to take Mom to the doctor, even though I am selfish and only think of my own enjoyment. I enjoy nothing more than being at her house at 7:30 to make sure she has breakfast, before getting her cleaned, dressed, and to an early morning appointment so I can sit in the waiting room for over an hour. Yes I love that better than anything.
TheHub and I had planned on running by Sprouts that night because they were having a 72 hour sale on some things we needed. While we were in that area of town we tried a new to us hamburger joint.
Hamburger, root beer, fish sandwich (TheHub) shared french fries

Saturday: Game Day! We are big SEC college football fans, specifically Alabama fans (Roll Tide). TheHub had to run into the office so I went down to do some chores for Mom., then we met back at home to begin our football day. If you watch college football you know games start at 11 Central time and go through the night. Although we do not sit and watch all the SEC games all the way though, we do watch bits and pieces of all of them, except Alabama games.(They require total attention)  Georgia and Tennessee were playing at dinner time so we decided to have a quick and easy dinner. We do not eat in front of the tv, but wanted something
Corn dogs*, coleslaw, iced tea.

Sunday:  This was a day of rest for us. Very needed rest. Sunday is the only day of the week I have continual help so I don't have to go bridge any gap in home care. The weather was cooler and it was not yet raining so we grilled our dinner,
Steak, green beans, new potatoes, tossed salad, french bread.

And for this week the possibilities are:
1. Chili, keto "cornbread" coleslaw
2. Spaghetti sauce over pasta or zoodles, tossed salad, french bread or keto rolls
3. Brazilian Festival food
4. Shepherd's pie (keto), coleslaw, roll or keto roll
5. Fasting
6. Grilled scallops, tossed salad, rolls, cauli mash
7. Cauliflower au gratin
(TheHub has 2 business dinners this week so I am fasting one of the days and eating crap the other)

This plan might work but then again, I might go rogue and do things that are entirely different. Who knows? Hope you all have a great week

*Don't know if any of you have tried the turkey corn dogs from Trader Joes, but those puppies are delicious and "cook" in the microwave.  It is not something I would buy, but TheHub has gotten them a couple of times. TJ's is on his way home from the office, but requires a 15 minute  trip from our home. He stopped in at my request one day for just one item. He had never been in a TJ store before, so this opened a whole new world  and new selection of food choices for his recreational shopping. (I think he heard the angels singing when he walked into the store.) Now instead of calling and telling me he is going to Publix he calls and asks if I need anything from Trader Joe's before he stops at Publix. (Yes he goes to both stores at least a couple of times a week, but his Publix stops are still pretty much a daily thing)


  1. I wish I had some bacon in house-I love a good BLT. I will add the Turkey corn dogs to my next Trader Joe stop. I seem to get there maybe every other month or so, but my daughter goes more often.

    1. I would never have tried the corn dogs but they are really good (and quick)

  2. I didn't know armadillos could do that. Yikes! BLTs sound so good and refreshing for dinner. I'm so sorry your Mom did that to your dh and you. That is so sad. I have issues with my Mom like that, so I understand. It's so frustrating. The food from the Greek festival sounds so good though. I am making spaghetti for dinner tonight. That's about all I know right now. LOL

    1. Armadillos are a pain in the behind and there are tons of them here now. My neighbor and I have decided we need a coyote or two in the wooded areas surrounding the neighborhood

  3. Replies
    1. I am looking forward to the meal at the Brazilian Festival most of all. Well the meal, music and dance!

  4. It can't be easy to deal with your mom, even though it's likely the illness that is causing her to lash out as she is. It's so sad.

    Greek food sounds wonderful!

    1. I know it is the illness, but it does not make it easy.

  5. If corn dogs are on the Keto diet, I just might try it. Yum.

    1. About that! I might have been non keto Friday and Saturday, though I do have a recipe for keto corn dogs that I am going to try.

  6. So sorry about all the things you have to endure with your mom. (((HUGS))) Your menus sound wonderful as always. I am not so sure about the fasting on one day, though. I will often skip breakfast, but I have to have lunch and dinner!

    1. I do intermittent fasting just about every day, but try once a week to have at least a 24 hour fast. It works pretty well for me.

  7. Colour me impressed. I was frequently batshit crazy (even more batshit crazy?) when dealing with my mama. Dinner? I pointed the smaller portion at the fridge and said 'go for it'.
    Hooray for flexible meal plans/lives. Sigh at the emotional yoga which demands them.

    1. Life is interesting and takes unexpected twists and turns. Right now I am just trying to stay calm when I get battered by Mom and understand that part of it is something she cannot help. This has really amplified the less desirable aspects of her personality though.

  8. I wish we had Trader Joes in Canada, all these lovely foods I will never get to try :(

    1. We just got a TJ's here a couple or 3 years ago. Before that I made it a point when I was in Atlanta to go there.

  9. I rarely go to Trader Joes. Next time when go there I’ll see if they have turkey corn dogs.

    I’m sorry about what you have to deal with your mom. Hugs xx

  10. I've never been in a Trader Joe's. My daughter shopped there in California. I don't think we have one here, or if we do, it's too far away for me to shop there or I would know where it is. I know it's different when it's your parent as opposed to working at a job where you do what you're supposed to do and then go home, but when new employees at the nursing home complained about the behavior of patients with dementia, I told them that dementia turns adults into toddlers--very large toddlers. It sounds as if your mom and the neighbor and the armadillo would make a great team.


  11. Even though you know it isn't your mom talking, it is hard to hear the nastiness isn't it. But I had to laugh about your neighbour! No wonder you and your hubs have to keep stealing from your mom if your neighbour's sister and the foreign woman are using your water and power to set up the invisible laundromat! Makes sense!

    1. It does make sense doesn't it! I forgot about another incident with the neighbor. She "wrote" HELP in giant letters on her bathroom window using wet toilet paper as her writing medium. I only hope she used water to dampen it. Seems a thief stole her drinking glasses, which she forgot she packed in a cardboard box Feel free to envy my life

    2. Oh dear, seems like there's definitely something in the water round there (sadly)!

  12. I'm betting you'll go rogue at least once this week. Maybe even three times. :-) You certainly deserve to, you selfish thing. :D

    1. I went rogue today. Sprouts had Lily's stevia sweetened chocolate bars on sale. I bought 5 of them which will last a long long time. When I feel the need for chocolate I have 2 squares then put them away.

  13. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for the recommendation on the turkey corn dogs at Trader Joe's. I love that store! Our family rather enthusiastically enjoys corndogs. I'll be looking for those as a treat for us. Thank you!

    1. They are good, much better than any frozen corn dog I have ever had.

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