Friday, July 16, 2021

Joys Even When It's Raining

And now the 28th week of the year is over. This week had a good bit of rain and afternoon thunderstorms mixed with some beautiful mornings and one drop dead gorgeous day. Well it was drop dead gorgeous if you like sunshine, blue skies, big fluffy clouds and 90 percent humidity! That is why I wear only cotton clothes during the summer.

The day was beautiful until late afternoon showers. Fortunately I got my swim in between them. (I don't mind swimming in the rain, but there was lightning and thunder and I just don't go there.)
We were able to stream my DIL's show and loved hearing her and her band of heathens.
Midway through the show, my SIL arrived to stay with us for the weekend so she got to see/hear her too.

Saturday: My SIL was still visiting with us and went with us as we made our Saturday rounds. She wanted to go to Leaf and Petal ( a plant___I don't know that there is a better word than emporium to describe it) They have everything you could ever want beautifully displayed. (Including a cement monkey that I wanted badly, but it cost much more than I was willing to pay)  While we were out we stopped by their clearance store where I found a huge planter (more than %50 off) for the patio and Christmas presents for Book Club. I am going to start going there at least once a month just to see what is newly reduced.
We did a few more errands then picked up lunch to bring home. After that we did a little work around here, sat on the porch under the fans, and talked. We intended to swim but waited too late and the thunderstorms came. It was still a really nice day!

Sunday: My SIL got up early to go to a local church. One of her son's friends was hired as the minister and she wanted to go hear him. Afterward she decided to ride to Tuscaloosa to visit with some of their cousins, so TheHub and I just hung out and read. When she came back we ate and then got a FaceTime call from Pip then spent time watching TV while talking and laughing. 

Monday: SIL left Monday morning. She has 3 grandchildren she often keeps and needed to get back to them. We really did enjoy her visit and hope she will come more often.  My sister and I met at Mom's and set up a few props so we could get some shots of the house to use on the Zillow post.  We laugh a lot at silly things when we are together.

Tuesday: Tuesday's biggest joy was getting to stay home all day. I finally had everything I needed to get Mom's sewing supplies, that had been sitting in a huge box in the laundry room for a couple of months, organized. Yea me! Never accuse me of needing immediate gratification!  Now I just need to find a place for Dad's LP's and CD's, but that might be for another month !?!

Wednesday: My Beloved Sister came over to my house mid morning. The day was gorgeous and we put the pool to good use! Later in the afternoon we met at Mom's to talk with an electrician about changing the fuse box to a breaker box. We need to have things up to code before selling the house and code has changed substantially since my folks built the house.
That night we watched a live stream jazz show from FirstLive in Brooklyn. Aaron Matson has a tight little combo, and has the voice of a crooner. It was very enjoyable.

Thursday: I had a wonderful phone visit with Sluggy. She makes me laugh out loud. In fact, I am glad I was not drinking coffee or I would have spewed a couple of times.

I hope you find your joys each day. They are always there even if you really have to look for them.

Today I am sharing the photos of the rest of the interior changes

There is no point in showing a living room before picture since she only got some fresh paint. The original hardwoods are just as pretty as they have always been.

The dining room had some pretty dated wallpaper but seriously gorgeous hardwoods

Wallpaper removal and a coat of paint made a huge difference. As a frame of reference the china cabinet is about four feet wide.

One view of the den

Another angle. The cabinet to the right of the piano was built to house Dad's stereo, and the alcove was built to hold the piano. We had to rethink it when we had everything painted.

Bad angle and bad lighting 
This room is kind of tricky to photograph. If I were buying the house I would change out the outside door to the deck to  a 15 pane glass door, just to let in more light. But that's just me. The new owner can do it if they want to.
Painting everything really brightened the den. We had to rethink the piano nook, but fortunately I had a TV from the lake house hanging out in my basement. We lowered the shelf and it worked.  Staging it for television placement looks intentional. I do have a small sage colored desk from the lake that I might put underneath just to fill the gap.

The fireplace does not look so foreboding now that the walls are painted

This is the multi use room in the basement. It is approximately 37x24, and you can't tell in the photo but the walls are light blue with fluorescent overhead lighting. 

The ecru paint really did warm the room and the recessed lighting looks so much better. For scale that is a regulation sized ping pong table in the corner. The room also had a kitchenette/ wet bar at the back of the room.

Another angle of the gigantic room

Kitchenette/Wet bar with sink, two burner gas stove and mini fridge

All we did in here besides the ecru paint was to reface the refrigerator  and change the color of the cabinet tops

I am not going to post pictures of the bedroom b and a because they were simply painted  and the hardwoods cleaned. There was virtually no change.

Up next exterior shots.


  1. The house is beautiful Anne! All I can think of is how I'd love to move my online selling business into that basement :) It's huge.

    1. It is gigantic. My parents had a table that would seat 20 and two separate "living" areas there, and still had space for dancing.

  2. Love your joys! Sounds like a great week, and I'm glad you were able to spend time with your sil. Your dil sounds so talented. Let us know if she has more streaming shows.
    The house looks great!! I love those hardwood floors, and the new paint job really sets them off. The dining room looks better without the wallpaper too. I'm sure you have lots of good memories hanging out downstairs with your friends. Looks perfect for teens.
    Great job!

    1. I never liked the wall paper Mom picked out, but it was her house and I didn't have to like it! The floors are original to the house and they took incredible care of them.
      As long as I have a memory I will remember the house, but I am ready to turn it over to someone else so they can make memories in it.

  3. Wow, such a beautiful house and so much space, Anne. I love the basement. You could even rent that out and live upstairs. I agree with you that the sage desk would look good in the piano alcove.

    1. That room could be completely self functioning!
      I am going to take the desk and try it for photos. I also have to take a couple of outdoor chairs to stage the patios for zillow photos

  4. It all looks great. Maybe it will draw a buyer.

  5. What a very joyful week! You really did an amazing job on the house. I can't wait to see the outside too. Have a fantastic weekend. :)

  6. LOVE IT. REMEMBER WHEN THEY CALLED THOSE WRECK ROOMS? Damn hit the capitol key. I bet you and your sister laugh at every stupid thing you do. That is just like sis and I and Sluggy. We laugh at our own jokes.

    1. Not only do we laugh at the same things but either of us can say just one word that was important to a shared memory and we will both crack up. Anyone around us just looks at us like we ar nuts.
      We are marketing it as a man cave!

  7. You've made it so much easier for the new owner (who I'm sure will be moving in soon) to visualize how the space will work for them. AND there is a lot of space! It definitely is a family home.

    Sounds like a wonderful visit with your SIL. If at possible, please send some of that rain in a north westerly direction. We're frying here - it's gone beyond baking. :)

    1. I would be happy to send at least one day of rain there, though yesterday it did no rain until early evening, so I call it a rain few day!

  8. Your joys this week were front and centre. No hunting for them required.
    And I love seeing your make over.

    1. I am just tired of making over! I am ready for it to be gone.

  9. Wonderful joys this week. I just love your Mom's house and what you've done to upgrade it! I'd love to have a house like that, but, I'd have to move states, wouldn't I?

    1. I am pretty sure it would require a move south for this one, but there are houses like this all over the country.


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